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How are Artists Chosen for Rolo?
How are Artists Chosen for Rolo?

A short explanation of how we vet the artists on our platform

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One of the decisions we made early on in building Rolo was to make every artist apply to be on the platform. We knew this mean that we would have fewer artists than other sites can boast, however we can make sure we are only recommending artists that we'd feel comfortable vouching for in terms of their level of work.

What we DO

Artists are asked to fill out a detailed profile when applying, and we go through those profiles with a fine-toothed comb. We look at their portfolio sites to ensure that there is something there, whether it's amazing technical chops, a unique design sensibility, or a body of professional work that can't be denied. If we find any of those things, we accept the artist.

This means that it's tougher for true beginners to make it onto the roster, as well as experienced artists who, for one reason or another, haven't built a portfolio that clearly displays a very high level of proficiency.

What we DON'T DO

We do not interview artists or interact with them in any way, which means we cannot vouch for their ability to communicate well, to work with others, to work quickly, etc... Every artist is different, and every company is different, so we leave the "culture-fit" part of the vetting process to you.

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